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10 good reasons to accept a quotation from Nico’s Kitchens

1)     Professional 360 degree, 3D kitchen design, know exactly what you buy and make as many revisions on the fly to get the dream kitchen you are looking for.

2)     Family operated father and son business – easy to deal with.

3)     No bait and switch tactics: some companies offer significant discounts if you sign right then and there. What they don’t tell you is this “special” is run every day with an inflated base price to give the appearance of savings. With us, our quoted price is our best price – no gimmicks.

4)     Not the cheapest but definitely no exorbitant pricing. Good value on all our products.

5)     Custom woodworking: we are able to manufacture our own round doors, wooden canopies and other intricate parts – a lot of our competition only make melamine boxes

6)     Hinges factory tested for 150,000 openings/closings. Expect a lifetime of at least 17 years on your hinges.

7)     A-Grade melamine board on all our kitchen carcasses – they’ll last longer.

8)     Partners with a construction company to provide a 1stop service.

9)     Dedicated support line to check the progress of your order –

10)  Rave client reviews:

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