Nico's Kitchens

In order for you to decide what your options are in terms of design – we need to determine the kitchen layout first. The most common and evergreen types of kitchen floor layouts are:


U shape kitchenU shape kitchen layout








As the name suggest the cupboard layout is positioned as a U like a horse shoe – ideally for smaller kitchens. Having a center island is usually not advised here as there is rarely enough space on either sides to comfortable move about and around. The window above the sink area is a nice touch and creates the feeling of openness.


Simply put the galley is similar to a hallway – cabinets on either side of two long walls. Maybe it is a bit too over simplistic for some, but the major benefit is enjoying a massive amount of counterspace for you or your significant other to cook and prepare food from.

Galley kitchen layoutgalley kitchen design

L Shape

Lastly we have the L shape layout. Its a very versatile and flexible layout – however you don’t want it to be too long, which makes it a bit impractical for very large kitchens. The L shape has the benefit of plentiful kitchen countertop space, which is always an advantage for growing families.

L shape kitchen layout














This concludes our shortlist of kitchen designs and photos – should you require assistance in kitchen design, please make an appointment with a consultant.