Mahogany Cupboards

Mahogany Kitchen Cupboards

Mahogany is a dark red/brown hardwood which has a fine irregular grain. It is durable, tough and visually very appealing as it is exotic, professional and corporate looking.

This makes it a good choice for TV units, study units and even kitchen cupboards as mahogany maintains its wood integrity and is resistant to swelling, shrinking and warping.

Did you know mahogany is extremely rare?

Mahogany trees grow over 150 feet tall and have become extinct in certain areas.

Qualities of mahogany wood:

  • This type of wood slightly darkens over time
  • It is simpler to carve and work with
  • Medium density, therefore lighter and easier to pick up
  • Low moisture content, thus very resistant to rot
  • Lasts beautifully up to 30 years and more
  • Manly appearance

Why do people choose mahogany furniture?

Because of the resistant nature of mahogany hardwood, it is often suitable for exterior doors, kitchen tables and living room furniture. Even though mahogany furniture is generally expensive, it is ideal for families with active children; pets or animals as this type of wood is will not break easily, thereby saving you money in the long run.



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