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Minimalist Kitchen Design in Linden, Johannesburg

One of our clients requested a minimalistic kitchen. My thoughts immediately raced to a square look, without any capping, bulkhead or traditional add-ons. The client stressed symmetry, clean lines and something simple. With that in mind I designed the following kitchen:

Minimalist Kitchen Design in Linden

The main features are T-shape cladding to create the square look, down lighting for the modern ambiance and a thick lightrail to finish it off. The microwave was/and is still a problem which I’m not too entirely thrilled with. Creating a normal micro box unit will result in an asymmetric design – which the client doesn’t want. We also don’t want the microwave to sit too high in a wall unit in the kitchen, which really would frustrate the day to day user.

It’s sitting on the counter-top, which is a bit of an eye sore, however it’s easy to use – even for kids. The finishing of the kitchen will be in a duco sprayed surface, with the doors about 18mm thick supawood (if I recall correctly). I would definitely rate a supawood door higher than a melamine door. For one the supawood is thicker and you can style and pattern it in numerous ways, which creates more character than a straightforward melamine door.

Anyway, enough rambling, I’ll keep updating this blog with the latest kitchens I design so that eventually you’ll have a whole collection of styles to choose from.