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When buying or building a house most people seem to pay extra attention to the kitchen. Especially by the one person in the family who loves to cook.  For everyone in the family the kitchen is the hub of their home, the centre of household activities, where they get together and spend time while food is being prepared; or create some fun projects; or participate in meaningful conversation with each other. Don’t miss this fact: Kitchens are important because people gather where there is food!

Every cook loves a well-planned kitchen where the layout is functional and there is enough cupboard space for them to store all their cooking utensils in a practical easy-to-find manner. When selecting kitchen cupboards the first thing to look for is quality.

Nico’s Kitchens have been in business for more than 15 years. Our unique service where we combine computer technology and excellent craftsmanship, that allows you to make informed decisions about the design, specifications and price of your kitchen cupboards beforehand, has now been extended to the Pretoria area.

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 Kitchen Cupboards Pretoria for your new Home

Custom designed from the best quality wood

In the designing process of your new home be sure to give special consideration to the kitchen and its relationship to other rooms in the house. You can make this room spectacular, yet functional with kitchen cupboards that are not only beautiful to look at, but also practical and well-built to last for years to come.

Quality is the key here and we at Nico’s Kitchens in Pretoria use only the best quality wood types in the manufacturing process.

Our wide variety of kitchen cupboards Pretoria are manufactured from Solid wood such as Mahogany, Oak, Cherry, Beech, Maple, Rosewood, Walnut and others.

Melamine wood (23 Different colors available)

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Minimalistic Kitchen Design in Linden

Kitchen Cupboards Pretoria

Why choose Nico’s Kitchens ?

Our many satified customers can testify to the fact that we have perfected the manufacture and installation of kitchen cupboards that add value to and complement the style of any home, even that of the president of Angola.

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When you choose to work with us:

We provide you with a free kitchen plan.

There are no hidden costs.

We do not have any tricky contracts,  invoices that are crystal clear.

We deliver and install your kitchen cupboards on time.

We take responsibility for our craftsmanship and installation.


Actual samples and a thorough overview of what you get (we don’t just drop off a quote)

We don’t just drop off quotes – We provide you with actual samples and an overview of what you get.

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Do you need any more convincing to choose Nico’s Kitchen as the preferred manufacturer and installer of kitchen cupboards Pretoria?

To speak to us please contact – Raymond on 083 514 2169.