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Melamine Kitchen Cupboards

Melamine is an affordable choice for consumers who want a durable & modern looking kitchen. Our suppliers have really expanded their range of melamine in stock. Gone are the days of only plain white melamine. 

We carry both PG Bison’s Melawood range as well as Sonae Novoboard’s Novolam products.

Why Choose Melamine As Material for Your Kitchen?

It’s affordable, durable & easy to clean. Manufacturing and stock is also readily available in a wide range of options, colors & styles. There will certainly be an option available for you to match the theme you want your kitchen to be.

Sample Melamine Colour Selection:

  1. Cherry Royale
  2. Balsa
  3. Beech
  4. Ebony
  5. Indian Ebony
  6. Burnt Oak
  7. Plum Tree
  8. Washed Shale
  9. Smoked Cedar
  10. Austrian Oak
  11. French Walnut
  12. Canadian Maple
  13. Silver Acacia
  14. Royal Mahogany
  15. Mozambique Wenge
  16. Medium Cream
  17. Pure White
  18. Supreme White
  19. Lunar Ash
  20. Light Cherry
  21. Memphis Cherry
  22. Natural Oak
  23. Laricina
  24. Shale Oak 

Brown-orange melamine kitchen

White melamine cupboards

Balsa melamine kitchen with wooden top

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